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ALNICO Pickup Pre-Wired guard- 70's Tuxedo White on Black

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Hey- What looks cooler on a Black, White or Custom Color Strat than a 70's Tuxedo guard?? Like Gilmour!

Here's a great way to upgrade that flat, lifeless ceramic magnet Squire, Mexican Strat or decent import.

Yes- these are really Alnico V rod magnets- Just like on vintage Strats. We have been able to buy a mountain of these to drive the price down- A set of pretty good quality ALNICO magnet Strat pickups, with Cloth wires!! Bridge is wound to 6K, Mid is wound to 5.5K and Neck to 5K- Mid is RW/RP so positions 2 and 4 are noise canceling.

Now- I don't think these have the depth and complexity of our genuine GFS brand pickups- but they ain't bad for this kind of cash!

These are prewired with the knobs, screws and covers exactly as shown. All you need to do is solder the shielded cable to your output jack and the extra black wire to your trem claw or bridge.

Not sure we'll ever get these this cheap again- so buy NOW.
Retail Price:$109.00
Direct Guitarfetish Price $49.95

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