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Dream 90 Black Bobbin with Chrome Case

We've taken one of the sweetest pickups we make and dressed it up like in the most elegant wrapper- Chrome metal case with black bobbin and Stainless screws- The look is devastating, the sound furious- a KILLER pckup.

These are the brand new Dream 90 series. We've beefed up the output- now they're a full 8.4k for the bridge, 8.2K for the neck. Neck pickups are now REVERSE WOUND for full HUMBUCKING performance with both pickups selected. Polepieces are matched to the string spread- 2 1/8" at the bridge, 2" at the neck.

They're fabulous sounding- Big and full with LOTS of P90 tone, but with a fatter, warmer and yet crunchier body. Thanks to the metal shell they resist hum fairly well, and the sense of string attack and dynamics is flat-out fabulous.
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GFS Dream 90 Black Bobbin with Chrome Case Bridge Position

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GFS Dream 90 Black Bobbin with Chrome Case Neck position

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