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GFS Crunchy Rails- Our Hottest- Modern Metal Power- Black Bridge Pickup

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The GFS "Crunchy Rails" are wound the hottest of any GFS humbucker. We start with our twin stainless steel rails, polished to a high luster. We wind these as hot as we can- a ferocious 16.2K for the bridge and a strong 10.4K for the neck. The Crunchy Rails are tighter, more focused versions of our Power Rails- and work the best with a good FAT amplifier. Through a Soldano, VHT or Triple Recto, they're just amazing! Make no mistake- there's no vintage stuff going on here- these slam HARD. The midrange is relaxed- not quite a "Scoop" but you get the picture. High end and bottom end are pronounced- even old fashioned amps sound supercharged with a pair of Crunchy Rails driving them. If you're playing through a thinner sounding amp then choose our Power Rails- If your amp is happening, these are your pickups. They're meticulously vacuum potted in paraffin wax, and are four wire for easy coil tapping. The non-ferrous baseplate is proudly stamped with the famous "GFS" logo, and they feature extra long leads, 16" for the Bridge units and a full 20" for the neck pickups! As with all GFS pickups, they come retail boxed complete with a correct height black trim ring, screws and springs and our famous fully illustrated wiring guide.
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