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GFS NYII Surface Mount Handmade Alnico Pickup
The GFS NYII represents a totally new way to breathe life into any guitar sporting  Dynasonic, Rickenbacker Toaster or other vintage style pickups.

The Shell is basically similar to a vintage Rickenbacker pickup, and the physical footprint exactly covers a Dearmond Dynasonic. While the mounting holes may not always be a perfect match for you Filtertron fans- the baseplate covers the hole completely, so you can upgrade and then revert back to your stock pickups without seeing any telltale holes.

We took a P90 style bobbin, trimmed it to JUST fit inside this shell, then wound it as juicy syrupy and RED HOT as we could. To get some real POWER we went with the classic P90 formula- two wide and flat Alnico III magnets surrounding steel polepieces.

The result is a HUGE improvement over the power, feel and tone of even the greatest vintage Dearmonds. Really! I had to take a deep breath after a brand new Silver Jet with a pair of these GFS NYII pickups BLEW THE DOORS off my very own 1957  Jet Firebird. Everyone in the room was shocked!

These are handwound, handmade pickups. Due to the complexities of the bobbins and mounting shell itís the only way we could do them. The neck pickup is Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity. Put the two pickup on at the same time and they are in-phase and completely hum-cancelling. The Bridge pickup sits 5/8" tall and the neck pickup sits 1/2" tall. These are TRUE surfacemounts and DO NOT require any top routing.

We ship you a complete Retail Boxed GFS NYII, with wiring directions and mounting screws. You can choose to mount these any number of ways- We like small rubber grommets Ricky style, or even small nylon standoffs like used on Dyansomics. A fabulous mounting system is to cut out a Mousepad to the exact shape of the baseplate- thatís my favorite method.

These are among the best sounding single coils Iíve ever heard- and I hope you feel the same way!
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GFS NYII Black pickup Neck Position
GFS NYII Black pickup Neck Position
GFS NYII Surface Mount Handmade Alnico Pickup Bridge Position
GFS NYII Surface Mount Handmade Alnico Pickup Bridge Position
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