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Necks and Bodies

Nobody beats the combination of price, quality and selection of our necks and bodies. The quality on these pieces is really high- better, in our mind, than some of the parts with DEALER costs two or three times as high. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good these are.

These are the result of a lot of effort on our part to ENSURE that these would work with standard, Fender-Spec parts. So YES, these bodies fit Strat and Tele necks, and our necks fit Strat and tele bodies. All of these necks are cut for 9mm bushings, and accept classic Kluson style tuners or even our 6-on-a-plate vintage style tuners. You can EASILY open the holes up to accept our Gotoh or Grover style tuners.

As always with special purchases like these- sell-out risk for the more popular colors is HIGH!
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