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Wilkinson Stainless Saddle Trem- Fit's ALL Strats!! Sparkling Chrome

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Here's a great new version of the famous $150 Wilkinson trem- One set anchor point and one flat knife edge- This allows you to mount the studs anywhere from 53mm to 62 mm- yes that means FINALLY you can install a good quality- free floating, TONEFUL high tech trem in place of that drecky MIM or Indonesian tremolo- and still use the same exact unit on a USA Vintage strat. Just use the two outermost holes- enlarge them, set the anchors, screw in the studs and you're ready to rock- a MONKEY could do it. (OK- a monkey with a good sharp drill bit)

The push-in trem arm is tension adjustable- The friction-free Delrin sleeve assures easy arm action- even if you set the arm up higher than usual.

Classic Wilkinson quality here- Cast Stainless saddles, hardened steel baseplate, cast alloy FULL SIZED block- We ship you a complete kit- trem, springs, claw, studs, sleeves, trem arm- Even ALL THREE wrenches to adjust trem action. UNBEATABLE price!
Retail Price:$99.00
Direct Guitarfetish Price $47.95

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