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XGP SOLID BRASS locking Tuneomatic bridge, locking Saddles- ALL BRASS!

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Our XGP Brand represents the finest guitar parts we know how to make.

This is a project we have been working on for a few years now.

And remember- available ONLY HERE. Designed BY US... MAde exclusively FOR US... Priced below ANYTHING even remotely close in quality.

Look- the standard Tuneomatic bridges used on Gibson® Guitars and most setneck guitars is a 60+ year old design. Works great of course, but there are better ways to keep a string in tune and transfer the vibrations of that string to the wood of the guitar. As we developed prototypes of this bridge and tailpeice system really were able to discover the HIDDEN TONE in every guitar. From inexpensive imports to pricey USA guitar- these bridges sound AMAZING!

We started with a clean sheet of paper- First we wanted MASSIVE SUSTAIN... the kind of endless sustain that we usually associate with high gain amps, but we wanted it UNPLUGGED. So... we went with SOLID brass. Now over the years we have offered "brass" parts that looked and sounded great, but usually consisted of an alloy consisting of a number of materials. For this project money was no object, so we sourced solid billets of brass, and decided to machine each piece separately. Could we have molded a brass alloy?? Sure... but we wanted this part to be the BEST on the market.

The base of this bridge is a solid piece of brass machines into a 12" radius. Two 6.5mm holes are drilled and countersunk at each end, spaced at a vintage correct 74mm. The base has a center rail that runs lengthwise, to which the saddles attach.

Each saddle is a solid brass billet machined into the final shape. Setscrews locate the saddle front and rear- you loosen one side and tighten the other to intonate the saddle, and once you have final intonation the setscrew securely LOCK each saddle to the center rail. Each saddle has a groove machined into the peak for buzz-free performance.

This bridge is designed to work with the locking studs we sell below, and those studs mount in a standard 12mm hole. The setscrews on the top of each insert unscrews- the bridge is placed securely over the end and then the allen screw securely locks the entire assembly. If you have a USA Gibson® the bridge itself WILL WORK with your standard 5mm  "Nashville" studs, though of course the bridge will not lock. You can also place this bridge over the 4mm studs of a typical ABR-1 screw-stud, though you'll have to ensure the bridge is centered over the screw when tuned to pitch to ensure good tone and intonation. If you have any import our studs will fit- as they are slightly oversized to ensure a tight fit in the wood of your guitar.

You are buying the bridge assembly complete with six locking brass saddles, in RAW unfinished, hand polished brass. I cannot overstate how fine these parts are- Completely hand made exclusively for us. Locking studs are sold separately- and we strongly recommend you utilize the entire locking system.

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