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10.5mm Chrome Spaced "Import' "Made in Mexico" BRASS BLOCK
10.5mm Chrome Spaced 'Import' 'Made in Mexico' BRASS BLOCK

10.5mm Chrome Spaced "Import' "Made in Mexico" BRASS BLOCK

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If your spacing is the standard "Import" spec of 2 1/16"- that's 10.5mm between the strings, this is for you. measure the holes on the top of your guitar FIRST.

NOBODY has this except us- We designed it and it's custom made for us. Case hardened steel base-plate, solid BRASS trem block- FULL SIZED- hardened steel trem arm- screws and springs- everything you need for a complete install.

The improvement in tone is remarkable- better sustain, better bottom end response- Brass gives you the warmth that many single coil guitars lack! The guitar will sound fuller, louder and tighter.

We've upgraded many of the strats in our sound-room and WOW- what a difference.

You get a complete installation kit- All you need is a screwdriver. Just measure your trem- if your screw holes are exactly 52.5mm from Low E hole to high E hole- this is a DROP-IN.

Be sure to screw the trem arm all the way down into the arm hole on the block. The first point of resistance does not mean the arm is fully inserted into the block and could lead to the arm snapping at its weak joint. The threads should not be visible when the arm is inserted correctly.
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