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10.5mm 'Dual Load' bridge, fits Tele® - Solid Steel baseplate GOLD

10.5mm "Dual Load" bridge, fits Tele® - Solid Steel baseplate GOLD

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Here's a great "Problem Solver" bridge. A nice long Tele base-plate- a full 3 7/8" long, 3 1/8" wide, with stringing holes for BOTH top mount AND string through stringing. String spacing is 2 1/16" (10.5mm string-to-string) which is a great fit for imported guitars. The intonation adjusting screws are a full 1 3/8" long- That's an incredible amount of adjustment- I doubt there's a weirdo Tele body that this bridge CAN'T work on! It's a nice thick solid steel base-plate, beautifully Gold plated, with 6 cast saddles. We give you the whole deal, bridge, three heavy duty wood screws and even a free saddle wrench. The pickup cavity might not line up with every body out there- but that should be a very easy fix- The bottom hole for the pickup is exactly 2" from the bottom edge of the plate.
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