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1963 Vintage Wound Professional Series Pickups - Fits Strats®
1963 Vintage Wound Professional Series Pickups - Fits Strats®
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1963 Vintage Wound Professional Series Pickups - Fits Strats®

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Full Set OR Individual positions - You Choose!

Here's our best, most authentic take on the classic late 50's Strat sound- The 63 Professional Series.

Made with all the good stuff- authentic black fiber bobbins, sand-cast Alnico V rod magnets, hand magnetized and set in the correct vintage stagger, beveled for the classic look and feel, plain enamel coil wire and even waxed cloth push-back wires.

We've wound these to match a ridiculously special 63 Strat we've had the pleasure to own...wound a bit strong- bridge is 7K, mid is 6.5K and neck is 6.1K. This yields the big, strong PIANO like 60's Strat sound with plenty of sparkle and clarity. Chose either a normal wound mid pickup or an RW/RP mid for hum canceling in positions 2 and 4. If you're a true vintage tone freak you'll go for standard wound to maintain maximum "quack"...but for the gigging musician that hum canceling is awfully handy and you don't lose too much.

Each pickup is packaged complete with stainless steel mounting screw and surgical rubber tubing springs.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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Middle Position C/W - 6.5K [+$26.95]
Middle Position R/W - 6.5K [+$26.95]
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