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63 Vintage Wound Professional Series Neck Pickup 7.8K - Fits Tele®

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Here's the great 60's Tele sound, made with authentic materials- Plain Enamel wire, Fiber bobbins, Sand-Cast Alnico 5 rod magnets,  even push back cloth wire.

   The Alnico V slugs are hand-magnetized, to as accurately as possible match the exact gauss of the vintage sets we used as inspiration. We've potted them in a paraffin/beeswax mixture- and they're just the sweetest, purest, most responsive Tele pickups you've ever played.

  A nice, sweet vintage neck sound wound a bit hotter for ultimate bluesiness and exceptional clarity for a covered Tele neck pickups- thanks to our thin-walled German Silver shell. Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity to create a hum cancelling effect when in parallel with any of our GFS bridge pickups.

They are tested with the output impedance marked on the bottom bobbin plate, and come complete with nickel plated stainless steel mounting screws and silicone rubber springs.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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