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8K Bridge Position Pro Tube "D"- GOLD - Fits Danelectro

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Yes Danelectro Owners- There's FINALLY a really super sounding set of Alnico pickups made just for you.

The GFS Pro Yube "D" fits standard Danelectro 3.25" long pickup cutouts- with the traditional bent leg mounting platform- the mounting holes are vintage correct 2.75" apart.

These use rare earth Alnico 2 Magnets, and are thoroughly wax potted to eliminate feedback.

These will totally transform your Dano! We like the big 8K bridge pickup with a matching 6K RW/RP neck pickup. The reverse wound/reverse polarity pickup gives you true noise cancelling when in the middle position. For a traditional bell-like Dano sound go for the vintage 4.6K versions.

As with all GFS Pickups they come retail boxed, complete with wiring diagrams and installation hardware.
Retail Price:$64.95
Guitarfetish Price $32.95

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