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8K Bridge Position Pro-Tube Lipstick Gloss black
8K Bridge Position Pro-Tube Lipstick Gloss black
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8K Bridge Position Pro-Tube Lipstick Gloss black

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The cool looks are only surpassed by the amazing tone!

Designed from the ground up right here in our Boston shop, all new molds and mounting brackets, all custom designed by us. Fits ALL stratS with NO MODS!!! Don't fall for imitators, only Pro-Tubes are stamped with the GFS Logo on the bottom!

Look- everyone knows the old Dano lipstick tube pickups looked and sounded really cool. Two major problems. First of all they're some wacky size, and I'm not a big fan of cutting a huge hole in my prized strat. Secondly, they're pretty tame, output wise. Sound cool, not great for modern music.

GFS to the rescue!! Wound with Alnico II magnets and wound to be BIG sounding, we give the bridge pickup a big, hige 8K output, the middle pickup (Reverse wound/reverse polarity for noise cancelling performance) a stout 6K, and the Neck pickup a vintage 4.9K. On my own strat they're big and warm, CRAZY jangly, ridiculous bloom and sparkle on every chord, silky smooth soloing on the neck pickup...

A calibrated set of all three is the killer rig, or use three 4.9K pickups for an authentic vintage sound.

These are HIGH END Boutique Quality pickups- using Alnico II magnets, vintage style plain enamel coil wiring, standard strat hole spacing and brilliant lipstick tube covers. These are our own proprietary design.

I believe these to be the best sounding, best made lipstick tue pickups on the market, regardless of price. (Oh yeah- we're the cheapest by FAR!)
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