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Analog Delay- COMPLETE Install kit! Cool Retro Sounds!
Analog Delay- COMPLETE Install kit! Cool Retro Sounds!

Analog Delay- COMPLETE Install kit! Cool Retro Sounds!

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This one was a Labor of Love for me. My vintage echo collection is silly... vintage Echorecs, Echoplexes, Space Echos... I've got all of the great analog delay pedals from the 80's, and i just can't play without them. Like you I've been diggin' a lot of the new Digital modeling amplifiers, with their slick built in effects. I love the control, but never could dial in the right "filthy" echo that I love. I designed the DL-1 to give you the control and versatility of a good footpedal, with a little grit and body to cop some of the feel of the old tape echos.

The DL-1 is a sweet Analog Delay designed specifically for live performance. VR-2 is your level control- preset that to get a reasonable delay level. J1 is your Feedback control- use this dial in the correct number of repeats- Set it to max and you get a cool Multi-Head tape tone- with a beautiful dirty decay! J2 is Delay Time, adjustable from a "Doubler" kind of feel at 10ms, all the way to a deep and long 550ms- all ONBOARD your guitar!!

SW-1 allows you to hook up a separate 50K pot to VR1 if that makes your installation easier, and SW2 turns the chip on or off, according to whether you are using True Bypass or Buffered mode.

Frankly- the real benefit of the DL-1 besides the great vintage tone is the immediacy of the control. Match the delay to your drummer, dial in just the right amount of repeat to cut through the band, or use the "Time" knob to create cool special effects- from wacky Star Trek noises to cool Hip-Hop scratches.

You can choose from a push/pull on/off knob below, for true stealth performance, or a surface mounted on/off switch. Find a jack that matches what's in your guitar now and that's all you need. 

J3 and J4 are your switch locations- the push/pull pot plugs into both, the Min Switch plugs into J3 for Buffered mode, J4 for true bypass mode.

The DL-1 comes with a fully illustrated step-by-step installation guide.

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