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Archtop Roller Bridge Rosewood Base
Archtop Roller Bridge Rosewood Base

Archtop Roller Bridge Rosewood Base

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We've been looking for a good roller saddle bridge for archtop guitars for a while. Besides the obvious Whammy Bar applications- the "heavy handed" amongst us noticed that using the nice $80 Schaller roller bridge virtually eliminated string breakage! So we had our supplier make us a great chromed tuneomatic- with elegant little roller saddles, with vintage ABR-1 style mounting posts- and we assembled the whole deal on a sweet custom machined Rosewood base piece.

This is an awesome, rattle free- heavy duty, beautifully made piece. Sustain is great, sound is great- strings don't break, and even if you use it with a vibrato the guitar stays in tune. (Within reason)

These are expensive pieces normally- but we're bringing this to you at a killer price- NO RESERVE- This is a really nice piece- sexy TRIPLE CHROME PLATED.This is a complete kit- studs, posts, bridge all sexy chrome plated, the rosewood base has a nice arch to it - and should fit most guitars- On some older archtops we machine the mid section down bit on the bench sander- and I ground one flat to fit on my 71 Roc Jet- which worked great.

Post Dimensions

Thread Height   20 mm

Thread Pitch   M4 X 0.7

Base Radius   22"

Retail Price:$49.95
Guitarfetish Price $28.95

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