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Brighton Rock Vintage Pickups - Kwikplug™ Ready
Brighton Rock Vintage Pickups - Kwikplug™ Ready
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Brighton Rock Vintage Pickups - Kwikplug™ Ready



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If you're looking for a VERY different sound on your Strat or three-single coil guitar- maybe this is for YOU!

If you're familiar with the great Brian May's recorded guitar sound on any of the classic Queen albums, then I think you have a good idea of the sound, feel and response of our Brighton Rocks.

I had the privilege to work on the original "Red Special" guitar project with the Guild Guitar company in the 80's, and I had the chance to handle and play Brian's original Red Special... quite an honor. Over the years there have been many, many "tributes" to that guitar and it's pickups- that's not what I'm doing here. If you're a true Red Special nut these are not for you.

However... if you dig the classic sound Brian got from his re-wound Burns Trisonics and his handmade, homemade guitar- I think a decent strat-style guitar with rosewood fingerboard and a set of of Brighton Rocks gets you very, very close.

These are NOT typical strat pickups- we've dialed out the peaky midrange that makes strat pickups so responsive and dialed in velvety smoothness, extended bottom end and a chimey but restrained high end. If you play like Buddy Guy, strangling every note out of your strat... probably not your best choice. BUT- If you have the touch and the feel and a good amp you could be ready for a "Sheer Heart Attack".

If you're going the authentic rout then three 6.5K BR's is the way to go- and of course you'll want to mod your guitar for the famous in-phase/out-of-phase serial wiring scheme.

if you want a touch of that tone and vibe but still retaining a conventional strat layout- go for our calibrated set with the reverse wound middle pickup.

With a decent Class A amp I think you'll find this to be an extremely useable and classic sound. We've made these with the best stuff- fiber bobbins, 42 gauge plain enamel wire, potted with genuine beeswax. The oversized Alnico V 6.5mm pole pieces and chrome pickup surround cop a lot of the classic look, but it's the sound... You may think I'm just a Bohemian Rhapsodizing about these, but you'll need to tie your Mother down to keep her from being blown away by the authentic tone of the Brighton Rocks

A set of three 6.5K Brighton Rock pickups- Perfect for the true vintage sound when using serial wiring. Chose the Kwikplug version and you can get a PRE-WIRED "Brian May" Harness to fit! A great way to get the "Queen" sound without a lot of complicated wiring!

These pickups come with a STANDARD SOLDER LEAD, and may be soldered directly to your existing wiring with no modifications. You may also order a matching “Solderless” pre-assembled wiring harness for quick and easy “pain-free” installation! Click here to add a harness to your cart.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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$3 off a Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - "Matched" Vintage Set ( 3 * KPS73) [+$86.95]
$10 off a Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Calibrated RWRP Set (KPS73 + KPS74 + KPS76) [+$79.95]
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Neck Position - 6.5K - KPS73 [+$29.94]
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Middle R/W Position - 7.5K - KPS74 [+$29.94]
Detachable Solder Lead - 7.5K - Kwikplug Compatible - Middle Position - KPS75 [+$29.94]
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Bridge Position - 8K - KPS76 [+$29.94]
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