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"Clapton" style mid boost circuit- Drive your amp!
'Clapton' style mid boost circuit- Drive your amp!

"Clapton" style mid boost circuit- Drive your amp!

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This is the one I have in my guitars!

Want that BIG FAT Humbucker tone from your wimpy Strat? This is what you need- I use these on Les Paul®s, Strats even archtops with equally breathtaking results- This is a five way rotary switch- Position One is passive off- it removes the circuit from your guitar's signal- now if your battery craps out you're back to normal- Position 2 is the "Active" mode- tonally unchanged, but Low Impedance output- This is what you need to drive a string of footpedals with NO SIGNAL LOSS- Position 3 is the "Rock" setting- it's a solid mid boost with a little bit of gain boost- really drives an amp well, and is a great match for thinner Strat pickups. Position four is the Clapton Mid thing- Enough gain and mid boost to make your Strat ROCK- but not too hot to still hear the attack of the single coil pickups- Position 5 is the "Hard Rock" mode- big mid boost, big gain boost, decent treble boost- turns even a lifeless guitar into a toneful screamer! Want to rock out with a Strat- this is the setting- Even my Vintage Alnico pickups sound like high gain humbuckers in this mode.

The "Mid Booster" runs on a single 9 volt battery, and battery life is excellent, 4400 hours or more! All you need is a hole in your guitar- On a Strat we remove the middle tone control, require the bottom tone control so it is now the "Master" tone control for the guitar- and then install the Mid Booster in the mid position- the battery fits in the cavity just alongside the 5-way switch- looks stock from the outside!. I've sold a ton of these- and retail is $79 for the "Mid Booster" circuit and $50 for installation. I'm including my easy-to-follow installation instructions, as well as a 9 volt battery clip. All you need is a small soldering iron and a guitar!

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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