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"Classic Vibe", "Affinity", "MiM" 10.5mm Solid Steel Trem Block
'Classic Vibe', 'Affinity', 'MiM' 10.5mm Solid Steel Trem Block

"Classic Vibe", "Affinity", "MiM" 10.5mm Solid Steel Trem Block

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This block fits most fender "Made in Mexico" Strat trems as well as the newer Squier "Affinity" and "Classic Vibe" Strat tremolos. This block ONLY accepts the 10/32" tremolo arm (Sold Separately). It will NOT accept the MIMI arm but WILL accept the Classic Vibe arm. (On thinner guitars like the Affinity the springs will protrude slightly from the rear of the guitar, so you will not be able to refit the rear cover)
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