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Crunchy PAT High Output Humbucker, Black
Crunchy PAT High Output Humbucker, Black

Crunchy PAT High Output Humbucker, Black

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This is the new GFS "Crunchy PAT". These have all the fat round bottom of the GFS vintage humbuckers, but TONS of output. DC resistance is 14K, and these just SCREAM. Unlike so many "super distortion" pickups these are very well potted, using real paraffin wax and vacuum impregnating the wax into the coils. I've stood in front of my raging Soldano SLO 100 and the pickups didn't squeal. Nice.

As a four conductor pickup it's easy enough to run them as single coils or humbuckers- in fact- just add a 500K audio taper DPDT push-pull pot to your order so you can wire it up for coil-tapping.

These are high quality, wax potted pickups. They're a great way to add some serious punch and tone to a cheapo guitar, and great if you're building a dream project. These are classic PAF style pickups, with molded Delrin bobbins, Isotropic ferrite ceramic magnets and a single row of adjustable nickel plated screws. I have a pair of these in a Tele Custom and they push an amp hard- with tons of tone at your fingertips.

You get one BRAND NEW retail packaged GFS Crunchy PAT pickup in BLACK finish- Retail price is $60. As with all GFS high end pickups it's packaged with screws, springs and complete wiring instructions.

This item is Kwikplug Compatible.

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Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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Pickup Options
Neck Position - 10K - KPH01 [+$24.95]
Bridge Position - 14K - KPH02 [+$24.95]
Retail Price:$49.95

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