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"Dual Boost" two switch Onboard Mid Boost/Frequency Expander
'Dual Boost' two switch Onboard Mid Boost/Frequency Expander

"Dual Boost" two switch Onboard Mid Boost/Frequency Expander

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A really effective ONBOARD effect.

Two positions are selectable-  firm mid boost- great for making single coils sound like humbuckers and  making humbuckers punch even harder, and a frequency expand mode- to give your sound a wider, more hi-fi polish. The separate on-off switch makes it simple to go back to regular old passive guitar sound. Fool proof!

The "Dual Boost" runs on a single 9 volt battery, and battery life is excellent, 4400 hours or more! All you need to do is drill two small holes in your pickguard- No routing, no new pots- easy. -On many guitars you can fit the 9 volt battery right in the cavity, on thinner imports I put the battery in the trem cavity between the springs!

I've sold a ton of these- and retail is $79 for the "Dual Boost" circuit and $50 for installation. I'm including my easy-to-follow installation instructions, as well as a 9 volt battery clip. All you need is a small soldering iron and a guitar!

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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