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Floyd Rose "Fastloader" locking Tremolo System
Floyd Rose 'Fastloader' locking Tremolo System

Floyd Rose "Fastloader" locking Tremolo System

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This is my favorite of the Genuine Floyd Rose licensed trems out there. NOT the cheapo "Pot Metal" bridge so many others sell- this is the real deal-Genuine Licensed Floyd Rose quality- solid machined STEEL baby- Standard Gotoh/Floyd spacing- we drill 'em out at 2 7/8" center-to-center on the posts- so it's a DROP-IN for most ESP, Schecter, Kramer (late), Music Man etc....You want sustain? Fuhgeddaboutit?. No need for steel inserts because the whole plate is steel. Ridiculously nice CHROME PLATING- really classy?

Even better- it's the new "Fastload" style- use regular ball end strings!Forget about the fussy snip-the-end-off-the-string deal- just pop your strings through the speedloader tubes and you're all set- NO locks on the saddles, they designed a new kind of saddle with a smooth string guide that works perfectly- because I have Dive Bombed the crap out of this thing and it is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Yes folks- this bridge can accept regular strings- no special Floyd strings needed.

You still get the standard Floyd fine tuners, except here the whole shebang is CHROME PLATED- Nice touch....

This is the whole kit as assembled here- Bridge, Arm, Lock nut, Adjusting wrenches, Solid machined Steel studs in zinc threaded inserts, springs, claw and screws. Heck- I'll even throw in a pair of the correct wrenches! Retail is $129. I have the correct Floyd retainer bar if you need it for a fender® style headstock.

Retail Price:$129.00
Guitarfetish Price $61.95

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