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We've worked hard to bring really inexpensive necks and bodies to you guys at straight up WHOLESALE pricing.

Unlike every other bargain priced neck, body or completed guitar, we have these bodies and necks cut to VINTAGE USA specs. Bodies take USA sized parts and are FULL thickness 43-45mm deep.

We also chose really good quality woods. Choose from lightweight Pauwlonia, Solid Dense Ash, Solid Mahogany, Toneful Basswood or sweet White Poplar.

These are the parts you would find in a guitar factory PRIOR to final polish and assembly. You WILL HAVE TO do a really good final polish on these, and the finishes will usually contain some very small imperfections. Remember- we're trying to hit a price here, and these finishes are really cool but not perfect, just so we understand each other... OK?

If you want perfect quality please check out our new XGP Professional Quality Parts!

As always with SUPER low priced items like these- sell-out risk for the more popular colors is HIGH!
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