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GF Basics 22 Fret ST Floyd Rose Neck Maple Glossy Amber

Part Number:LSTFR22_MPAM


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Incredible Value!

22 fret vintage spec neck that fits all standard Stratocaster style 2 3/16" neck pockets. These are 43mm wide at the nut. These are cut to accept 43mm Floyd Rose locking nuts.

These are fretted and ready to install. For best playability we reccomend a fret level and polish.

We've sold many thousands of these and can tell you they create great playing guitars!

These are our budget line of bodies and necks, and you WILL have to polish these to a final, high gloss. Finish quality is decent on these, but expect some very small imperfections under the clear coat, but they build into GREAT sounding and playing guitars the price CANNOT be beat!

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