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GFS Alnico Vintage Wound Soapbar Cream Pickup

Fat, Warm Vintage Tone!! The perfect way to REALLY improve the tone of your PRS SE or similar soapbar equipped guitar- Heck we've been using them to really improve the warmth and tone of USA Les Pauls and custom Luthier built guitar

I will put this P90 up against ANY of the boutique hand wound jobs out there. 42 gauge plain enamel wire with alnico magnets- wound to a beautiful vintage 8.8K- really one of the best P90's I've heard.

They're hooked up with new very long leads- 16" for Bridge and a whopping 20" for neck- two wire for easy phase reversal.

These are calibrated pickups- the Bridge pickup is 8.8K, Neck 8.0K- polepieces set to proportional spacing - perfect for all Gibson spaced instruments These come retail boxed, with all mounting hardware, and wiring instructions.
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