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GFS Gold Foil Pickups


   Gold Foils... Everyone's talking about Gold Foils.

   What are Gold Foils?

   They are the thin little cheapo pickups stuck on cheapo Japanese student guitar from the 70s. Garbage right?? Oh no my friend.. Gold foils have a mysterious power to hook even the most dyed-in-the-wool Strat, Tele or Les Paul man.

   So the old Gold Foils sound bitchin'... smooth and lanquid with a super clear high end... a relaxed musical midrange and a very understated but deep bottom end. Not the loudest pickups, but they never sound too thin. So vintage Gold Foils are not potted, cheaply made, and VERY thin. To mount them on any modern PLAYABLE guitar you have to go full custom. Get out the Porter Cable router and the jigs and the shims and the files, and who needs that.

   Once again, GFS to the rescue! Our Gold Foils leave the forty year old cheapo construction in the garbage can and dial in the exact LOOK and FEEL and TONE and VIBE of the originals, and make them accessible to all of us normal people who don't necessarily want to carve up a guitar to try them out. So if you're a collector looking for exact repros- not for you my friend...Exact repros are out there and they sound great... but if you're a musician who wants a completely new tonal palette to draw from- YES these are for you!

   We make three versions- Humbucker mount, Strat style single coils and a P90 Soapbar mount.All are bone standard mounting so NO MODS NEEDED. Strat style are single coils with Alnico 5 magnets, P90 and HB shells are either single or humbuckers.. The Humbuckers really retain the feel and character of Gold Foils and ARE splittable. The single coils nail the liquid sound of the vintage units, but add better construction, a bit more volume and wax potting for zero handling noise or squealing. If you want some 60's bite go for the Ferrite Magnet versions. If you want a slightly bolder, warmer sound- opt for Alnico.

  As with anything new... You MUST try these out to experience the musical feel of these pickups!
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KP - GFS Gold Foil Single Coil Strat Pickups, White - Kwikplug™ Ready

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KP - GFS Gold Foil Single Coil Strat Pickups, Black - Kwikplug™ Ready

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KP - GFS Gold Foil Single Coil Strat Pickups, Chrome - Kwikplug™ Ready

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