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GFS JM90 OVERWOUND Hot Jazzmaster Style Bridge Pickup
GFS JM90 OVERWOUND Hot Jazzmaster Style Bridge Pickup

GFS JM90 OVERWOUND Hot Jazzmaster Style Bridge Pickup

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The new GFS JM90 Overwound is a very authentic recreation of the great Jazzmaster pickups of the 1960s BUT we've wound it as hot as we can- a blistering 13K!

Jazzmasters were funny beasts- intended to be the premiere guitar for the "Jazz" player, they were substantially more expensive than strats of the day. While Jazz players never did take to the JM and it's wacky switches and roller knobs- Surf and Rock player did in bunches.

What the Jazzmaster style pickup does that is so unique is to meld the warm, wide powerful feel of a P90 with the delicate, articulate transparency of a vintage Alnico strat pickup. Our Overwound versoins take the cool vintage vibe and add some modern BARK- Here's a pickup that can TRANSFORM a thin and wimpy JM style guitar into a Big, Fat and full monster.

Our GFS JM90 Vintage pickups use the old school stuff- real fiber flatware- real sand-cast Alnico rods, hand cut and beveled, genuine 42 gauge Formvar wire- thoroughly wax potted and securely taped for ZERO squealing... we've even included vintage style cloth leads.

Wound to a LOUD 13K, I think you'll find, when comparing these to a real vintage axe- that the GFS JM90 are a fatter, louder, bolder and harder- it's like the Jazzmaster sound and added some PAF humbucker to the mix. 

We include the correct Jazzmaster style cover, four Stainless installation screws and a pad of black mounting foam. As with all GFS pickups the JM90 comes retail boxed with a wiring diagram.
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