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GFS "Metal Foil" Single Coil Ferrite Surface Mount, Chrome

Part Number:GF_NYMF_FER_Chrome


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  GFS Metal Foil Pickups offer a unique combination of fullness, sweetness and crystalline, transparent high end. These use custom made bar magnets and vintage style scatterwound coils.

  These are the classic "Ricky" sized pickups and may be completely surface mounted. The shells are triple chrome plated steel with solid steel baseplates and custom-cut Ferrite magnets and scatterwound coils, with the entire assembly thoroughly wax potted for squeal-free performance.

  These are surprisingly loud and full but with a transparent "Kerrang" style high end that will remind you of Lipstick tube pickups.We have two versions: 5K, and 6K. Each may be used for bridge or neck.
Each pickup comes with a 15" long lead that may be soldered to your existing pots and switch.

  For a typical guitar we'd suggest the 6K for the bridge and the 5K for the neck. For a brighter sound use 5K in both positions, for a fatter fuller tone go for 6k in both positions. Both pickups are "Clock Wound" for the sweetest and most "present" in-between position. These are compatible with any Kwikplug wiring harness.

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KPM13 - 5K [+$33.95]
KPM14 - 6K [+$33.95]
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