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GFS NYIII Surface Mount Alnico III Humbucker Calibrated Pair
GFS NYIII Surface Mount Alnico III Humbucker Calibrated Pair
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GFS NYIII Surface Mount Alnico III Humbucker Calibrated Pair

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A matched pair of wired pickups. These are solder pickups and not compatible with our Kwikplug harnesses, but ARE compatible with our “Solder” harnesses. You get exactly what is shown, plus correct trim ring mounting screws.

The GFS NYIII is now the ONLY way to get true humbucker crunch into any guitar sporting  Dearmond Dynasonic
®, Rickenbacker® Toaster® or other vintage style pickups.

The Shell is basically similar to a vintage Rickenbacker
® pickup, and the physical footprint exactly covers a Dearmond Dynasonic®. While the mounting holes may not always be a perfect match for you Country Gent and Silver Jet fans- the baseplate covers the hole completely, so you can upgrade and then revert back to your stock pickups without seeing any telltale holes.

This was a tough pickup to engineer- We had to start with totally new and proprietary bobbins forms, wind them as hot as we could with Plain Enamel Formvar wire, then find a way to fit them into the shell. Once installed we put two Alnico III magnets on either side of the polepieces, and placed a reversed Alnico V Helper magnet in the middle.

This kind of a complicated structure - and all of the assembly is done totally by hand. BUT- what you get is the coolest vintage Filtertron jangle and crunch- DEAD QUIET, and it fits right in the footprint of most old Dearmond
® style pickups.

On a Rockjet or Silver Jet you'll probably have to do a very slight amount of trimming on the body rout to accommodate our magnets and polepieces- especially on the neck pickup. But the shell completely covers the work- and you can even revert to your stock pickups and it LOOK STOCK. They are wound like good, firm PAF's - WAY hotter than old Filtertrons- Bridge is around 8.4K, neck is 7.6K.

They've put these on old hollowbodies, bad 80's Rickys- even on a melody Maker- They really sound fabulous. The difference between a pair of these and stock (Even Vintage) Dearmond Dynasonics
® is huge. The shell sits 5/8" high at the bridge, 1/2" high at the neck.

Hey- where else can you buy THIS MUCH TONE for under $100 a pair??

Who loves ya baby?

* The words Rickenbacker® and Toaster® are trademarks of the Rickenbacker International corporation. Guitarfetish is not affiliated with Rickenbacker.
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