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GFS Noise-Free NEOVIN Pickups for Stratocaster Sets


   The goal has always been the same, since 1954... Capture the great sound of the classic Strat...eliminate the brutal noise and hum.
   Over the years there have been hundreds of noise cancelling pickups...passive, active, stacked, rails, shielded, lo impedance... you name it. We feel the new GFS Neovins are the most authentic Strat sound EVER produced in a noise cancelling pickup. Sold direct ONLY, we are also the least expensive.
   Neovins are dual coil humbuckers that are encapsulated in a unique ground shield array. The exposed polepieces are not magnets, but rather part of this array. With high tech, high efficiency Neodymium magnets, the neovins produce all of the explosive power, tone and sparkle of vintage pickups, with virtually ZERO hum and noise.
   We've produced five unique sets that combine both Neodymium and traditional Alnico magnets, with everything from pure vintage tones to modern overdriven rock tones. All noiseless. All toneful.
Neovins are also extremely resistant to squealing feedback and handling noise. We offer these in color coordinated sets to match your guitar. Each Neovin is precision assembled and vacuum epoxied for noise free performance for years to come.

Our Users Agree!
"I received the Neovins yesterday... I gotta tell ya......I'm VERY pleased with this purchase! The value of these pickups is unmatched. Not only are they quiet, but the tone is there in spades.....just like you said!"
"I A/B'd em against a pretty hot USA Fender with (single coil Fender Custom Shop) pups as well. I thought they stood up against it well, if not better at times."
"As an EMG guy I can truly say the new Neovin Power Rock set are the first noisefree set I've played that matches the EMG's for power and intensity, with more tone and a total absence of noise."

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