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GFS Piezo Under Saddle pickup-Metal Base for less feedback

Part Number:ATF055


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This pickup comes with a 2.5mm jack on a 16" lead. This is a 2.5mm wide pickup that is 55mm wide. Please measure your guitar to ensure of a good fit.

GFS Piezo under saddle pickups give you the best feedback resistance and the most natural acoustic sound of any under saddle pickups in the biz! SIMPLE installation instructions are included, but if you are at ALL squeamish about drilling and filing your bridge, seek professional help! The metal Base pickup utilizes a brass U channel to which we bond the pickup. This gives you great attack, tremendous resistance to feedback and nice sturdy unit that stands up to the harshest treatment.

Comes with two self-stick cable hold-downs to ensure a neat and clean installation.
Retail Price:$24.95
Guitarfetish Price $10.95

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