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GFS 'Premium II' Alnico II, Hand Bevelled Pickups, Fits Strat® - Kwikplug™ Ready

GFS "Premium II" Alnico II, Hand Bevelled Pickups, Fits Strat® - Kwikplug™ Ready



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This pickup is now available in our proprietary Kwikplug “Instantly Interchangeable” pickup system. Check the appropriate boxes below!

    ALNICO II Pickups!! A NO-BRAINER at this price!

   The Premium II's are our sweetest and most soulful vintage pickup set. We offer a lot of vintage style sets that dial in more power, more punch and more midrange push. Not the Premium II's. We start with Sand Cast Alnico II magnet slugs, each slug individually beveled to vintage spec, and radius (9.5") stagger for powerful performance. Wound with 42 Gauge Plain Enamel wire, potted in our custom Paraffin/beeswax mixture, hooked up with cloth covered vintage style leads. The result is a Strat set that really captures the bell-like tones, earthy sweetness and mellow rhythm sounds of a late 50's Strat. If your guitar seems too bright, too hard, too modern- the Premium II's will CURE YOUR ILLS.

   Through a low powered tube amp these are friggin' MAGIC. Think Jimi, think early Knopfler, John Mayer, Robin Trower- the kind of warm bluesy Strat sound you hear in your head- but is hard to recreate on stage. These are wound strong but vintage- Bridge 6K, Mid 5.5K Neck 5.3K. Now with RW/RP Middle pickup for hum canceling in positions 2 and 4. As with all GFS pickups, they come in a matched set of three, retail boxed with all mounting hardware and our illustrated wiring guide.

If you choose the Kwikplug version you can order a matching “Solderless” pre-assembled wiring harness for quick and easy “pain-free” installation! Click here to add a harness to your cart.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

FENDER®, STRATOCASTER®, STRAT®, TELECASTER®, TELE®, P BASS®, PRECISION BASS®, and the distinctive headstock designs of these guitars are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. is not affiliated with Fender in any way.

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Pickup Options
$3 off a Calibrated Set (KPS70 +KPS71 +KPS72) [+$71.95]
Kwikplug Compatible - Neck Position - 5.3K - KPS70 [+$24.94]
Middle Position - 5.5K - KPS71 [+$24.94]
Bridge Position - 6K - KPS72 [+$24.94]
Retail Price:$129.95
Starting at $ 24.95

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