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GFS Soapbar 180 Humbucker SET in Soapbar P90 Shell- HIGH OUTPUT

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We had a ton of pickups lying around from R&D, Factory Samples and Customer Returns- but it is time to share the love.

These pickups are used, but all pickups have been metered and are working!


Look- We LOVE P90 soapbars.... Whether on a 73 Les Paul® Deluxe or carved into a cool bolt-on solidbody- P90's have the bottom end, the mid range squonk and the clear and present treble that really defines classic rock. All good...except for the noise.

Now- There are plenty of ways to deal with single coil noise, but for those of yo who want the feel, the CHARACTER and body of a P90 with the classic midrange bite and extended upper end definition of our famous Dream 180 pickups- This right here is for you!

Sweet classic style humbuckers- fiber bobbins, Alnico V magnet, that sweet P90 look- 12 nickel plated adjustable poles- It's quite the ticket.

The High Output OVERWOUND wound sets are perfect for overdriving that amp- and deliver a nice combination of crunch, warmth and clarity with that extra lower midrange and power that only an overwound set can deliver. bridge pickups are wound to a blistering 13K, necks to a stout 10K.

  • Neck: 10K
  • Bridge: 13K
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