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GFS Wild Dog Oversized, Overwound RAUNCHY Humbucker GOLD

Here's a size that we're finding on more and more imported guitars- We're talking about the oversized 2.8" x 1.25" humbuckers- They're found on Reverands, Eastwoods, Gretshces, Peaveys, Schecters- tons of guitars.

Well we've found that many of these are fairly tame "Vintage" pickups- I guess the idea was to cop some Filtertron vibe- but to my ears they're not cutting it.

GFS to the rescue!!

We took the shell and had a mold made for a fully covered unit, then wound up a set of smoking hot, aggressive pickups- potted them VERY, VERY well in paraffin, and even added a solid brass backplate insert- to kick back more mids.

The result is a wild pickup that positively BARKS- It is not a bright and jangly pickup- it's a barnburner- perfect for slide, perfect to melt an old tube amp- Sure they are four wire for coil tapping so you CAN get a sparkling and very vintage single coil tone- but these are all about swampy rock power.

The come retail boxed with the solid metal mounting ring as shown. The ring is 1.75" x 3.75"- Remember- these are oversized- if mounting over an old Humbucker rout you DO need to do a very small amount of chiselling to make them fit. They're also good over old P90 routs and the like.
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