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GFS professional Series Alnico V HOT Humbucker Nickel Case Bridge Pickup

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Here's our best, most authentic take on the classic late 50's Humbucker sound- The KMZV professional Series.


The great warm, woody vintage sound of Les Pauls, made in KalaMaZoo. Made with all the good stuff- genuine Alnico V bar magnets, hand magnetized and assembled with the correct vintage geometry German Silver non-magnetic baseplate and correct vintage Steel braided leads with push-back cloth center lead.

We've wound these to match a fabulous sounding set of early Gibson humbuckers- ...wound vintage but HOTTER- 9.4K for the bridge and 8.6K for the neck. These retain much of the clarity of our normal KMZV set but with just enough HAIR to drive your amp harder.

The KMZV comes fully tested with the impedance marked on the baseplate,  with nickel plated Stainless Steel screws, mounted in a black trim ring, and complete with a wiring diagram.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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