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GFS professional Series Alnico V Humbucker Zebra Case Pickups
GFS professional Series Alnico V Humbucker Zebra Case Pickups

GFS professional Series Alnico V Humbucker Zebra Case Pickups

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Here's our best, most authentic take on the classic late 50's Humbucker sound- The KMZV professional Series.


The great warm, woody vintage sound of Les Pauls, made in KalaMaZoo…. Made with all the good stuff- genuine Alnico V bar magnets, hand magnetized and assembled with the correct vintage geometry… German Silver non-magnetic baseplate and correct vintage Steel braided leads with push-back cloth center lead.

We've wound these to match a fabulous sounding set of early Gibson humbuckers- ...wound really vintage- 8.6K for the bridge and 7.6K for the neck. You’ll get extra midrange, ridiculous clarity and chime, and just enough SACK that only Alnico V can give you.

The KMZV comes fully tested with the impedance marked on the baseplate,  with nickel plated Stainless Steel screws, mounted in a black trim ring, and complete with a wiring diagram.

We make these in TWO different versions- You “Vintage Snobs” will want our old school 2-wire versions. These looks JUST LIKE the Old Gibson and Epiphone humbuckers with real metal braided cables. You modern guys will want the 5-wire version that allows for coil splitting as well as series/parallel wiring

The 2 wire versions come in black trim rings, the 5-wire versions come with cream trim rings.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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Neck Pickup - 7.6K - “Gibson” Style Braided Metal Lead 2 Wire - PRO_KMZVZB_NK [+$34.95]
Neck Pickup - 7.6K - 5-Wire for Coil Tapping - PRO122 [+$34.95]
Bridge Pickup - 8.6K - “Gibson” Style Braided Metal Lead 2 Wire - PRO_KMZVZB_BR [+$34.95]
Bridge Pickup - 8.6K - 5-Wire for Coil Tapping - PRO121 [+$34.95]
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