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Guitar Preamp- Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble- Our Best Unit!
Guitar Preamp- Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble- Our Best Unit!

Guitar Preamp- Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble- Our Best Unit!

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Here you go folks-

LOTS of you have begged us to develop a single, onboard circuit that could do three things- 1) Give me a big gain boost WITH NO MODS TO THE APPEARANCE OF MY GUITAR Big Huge 18 Db clean gain boost! 2) Give me the ability to REALLY control my sound on stage. 3) How about some big fat bottom boost, or a fat thick Clapton Mid Boost- or how about a Brian May style treble boost?

We were planning on supplying a MAJOR reseller with these, and the plan was to retail the kit in a box for $130. Well, you don't get the box, but save a fortune! We have designed the circuit to PERFECTLY fit in the control cavity of any Les Paul® or similar style guitar- and of course in a custom guitar it's too easy to mount. You have two choices- Use your existing 500K volume control to feed the passive input of your guitar into the circuit- this works just fine, but you'll REALLY want to drill a small hole in your rear control cavity cover to access the onboard gain pot. Option 2 is what I like- buy the 50K Audio pot from us (Search for item # F30). Now you just feed the output from your toggle switch directly to the circuit, jack the onboard gain pot, and use the volume pot as a Master Gain control- Now the entire signal chain becomes LOW IMPEDANCE- NICE!

I can't tell you how luxurious it is to have nearly unlimited amounts of Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble boost AND cut at your fingertips. The Bass, Mid and Treble pots are center detented- so you can start with a stock sound, then season to taste. Even cooler is the instant ability to create a scooped mid sound- to turn your humbuckers into a swampy SRV sound, or to create the ultimate death metal thing.

We include the entire kit- the circuit with pre-soldered pots, battery clip and our famous- no-brainer illustrated installation instructions.

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