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Hand Wired Pickguards

While our Pre-Wired pickguards are a tremendous value for the money, many of you have requested a custom wired rig.

Finally our GFS USA Custom shop is open. We'll hand wire any pickguard you choose with any pickup set you choose. We'll deliver a meticulous assembly with the best components, all hand wired and ready to roll. NO HASSLE... Just feed the two wires through the hole from your pickup cavity into the oval cavity for the output jack...plug the pre-crimped leads onto the jack and you are all done! We use the best stuff- Full sized Audio pots for volume and linear pots for tone, polypropylene tone cap for smooth roll off, full sized USA spec output jacks.

We offer a full one year warranty on all of the work we do. Since this is a custom made item we must impose a 20% restocking fee for returns.
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