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Headstock Decals

Real Vintage Style LITHO PRINTED Waterslide Decals!

For years I've sought a nice way to finish off my custom built guitars.

First I bought "Fake" decals on ebay. Then I got some "Inket Decal paper" and printed my own... except those looked like crap and of course... there's no WHITE ink on an inkjet printer. (Or gold or silver for that matter)

Then I bought an old Alps Dye Sublimation printer and now I had white, silver and gold... but I was still on  "Decal paper" and it got expensive fast, and never really looked right.

This is the real deal. We found an old school printer who could make REAL waterslide decals.
These are identical to vintage decals in the manner in which they are made. Real lithography with the right inks and the right glue. They are already form fit so the glued part is custom fit to the decal itself - No scissor needed.
They are half as thin as inkjet or dye sub decals and the metallic inks are REAL metallic inks, not foil.

Now let's be clear - these are "Parody" decals. We're trying to have a laugh here and allow folks to finish off their projects with a professional looking headstock decal.
We do not and will not print any now or in the future that use any intellectual property of another manufacturer- so please don't ask.

These go on like correct vintage decals- Stick them in a cup of lukewarm water for EXACTLY 40 seconds, blot the BACK of the decal only, then SLIDE it right off onto the headstock. Use a moistened fingertip to squeeze out the air bubbles, then lightly blot with a soft cloth. Once dry these WILL NOT COME OFF - so get your position right! They are completely water resistant when dry, and TOUGH like the old school decals. You DO NOT need to lacquer over them, but if you do they will simply melt into the finish and look incredible.

Buy ANY Neck on our website or any DIY Kit and we will include the decal of your choice for FREE!
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