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Humbucker Equipped HSS White Pre-Wired Assembly NEW!
Humbucker Equipped HSS White Pre-Wired Assembly NEW!

Humbucker Equipped HSS White Pre-Wired Assembly NEW!

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The classic Humbucker/Single/Single setup. This will fit every Strat-style guitar ever made- though on some vintage type guitars you'll need to rout out the humbucker space. Don't fear though- most modern guitars have the famed "Swimming Pool" rout- just pop it in!

Not all wired pickguards are created the same. I have my high end- USA sized White/Black/White pickguards CUSTOM wired. Though we have designed these to be dirt-cheap- WE designed the pickups here- The humbucker clocks in at a blistering 14K. We feature genuine Alpha quality full sized pots- UNBEATABLE! This is NOT a pickguard unit pulled from a low-end Saga kit, or removed from a cheap Chinese Strat copy. A good high-end completely wired pickguard rig. Ever try to buy a pickguard, two single coil Strat pickups, switch, pot, cap, wire, knobs, a good loud humbucker, then wire the whole thing up? After spending $135 on the individual pieces you're still left messing around with your soldering iron. Here's a great way to rock- right now?

This is a great opportunity to grab one of these for what the big guitar makers pay- A similar Pickguard/Pickup/Pot/Switch/Knob setup is supplied to a "Very Famous" manufacturer, and I buy mine from the same source in stupid quantities.

I've installed like a million of these in kit guitars, as replacement for cheapo pickup combos on imports, and even in real fender guitars with dead pickups. A great looking, great sounding rig ready for just that little touch of solder to get rocking!

Remember- 3 ply- White/Black/White. Last time I checked the big catalogs were getting $79 for a similar unit.

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