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Import Compatible 39mm "Shorty" Solid Steel Tremolo Block 10.5m Import Spec.
Import Compatible 39mm 'Shorty' Solid Steel Tremolo Block 10.5m Import Spec.

Import Compatible 39mm "Shorty" Solid Steel Tremolo Block 10.5m Import Spec.

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A SOLID STEEL BLOCK that fits the typical Imported guitars with THINNER bodies!

Our replacement blocks have traditionally been 43mm- the same as vintage USA trems. This is fine but most imported guitars from the mid 90's to today started using thinner bodies. Most Squiers and Imports are only 42mm thick, so a typical 43mm block sticks out the back of the guitar!

Well here ya go- only 39mm tall- so fits ANY guitar from 39mm thick up to a full USA 45mm thick! These blocks ONLY FIT Import spec trems- the don't fit USA made trems or "Made ni Mexico" spec trems.

Strings are spaced at 10.5 from center-to-center.

The GFS block is made from REAL Solid steel- Lead-free ROHS compliant steel- When you bang it with a screwdriver it goes "PING" and not "thunk...". The ball ends sit close to the BOTTOM of the block just like my 63, and it ONLY takes a USA standard 10-32 thread trem arm. (Sorry, your Chinese arm WILL NOT FIT)

The result is a total transformation of your guitar!! Sustain is increased noticeably, tone is like NIGHT AND DAY, even tuning stability is just a hair better. You can't NOT buy this!!

Look- there's a cottage industry of guys hand making these in the USA, with prices two, three or even four times higher than we charge. I've bought them all. These sound and feel just as good- there...I said it.

You get the block as pictured. Your stock mounting screws fit PERFECTLY, just reuse them. You will need a USA sized arm- If you have one from any vintage or modern screw-arm strat, you're all set- if not we sell them cheap too... Just unscrew your saddles, unscrew the old block and screw the GFS unit in it's place- THAT'S IT! Be VERY careful when screwing the new block on- real steel will always have a touch of oxidation on the threads so you'll need a little bit of pressure, but they thread nice and tight and once secure- it's like a single block of metal!

These are black electrocoated to fend off rust. (Silver paint looks cool but paint tends to dampen vibration a bit, and hence tone and sustain are very slightly affected)
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