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Introducing the Kwikplug Quick Change Pickup System

Introducing the Kwikplug Quick Change Pickup system from GFS.

Our new Patent Pending Kwikplug system is a STANDARD PASSIVE PICKUP SYSTEM. No special controls needed, no battery, no routing, NO MODS.

All the same famous "vintage Recipe" GFS pickups are available, as well as our overwound humbuckers, modern metal pickups, specialty pickups, Gold Foils... You name it- we Kwikplug it!

It's quite simple really- we perfected a miniaturized four conductor audio plug and jack, and include either a permanently attached Kwikplug block on the back of the pickup, or a short Kwikplug "Pigtail" lead.

Solder them like regular pickups. Combine them with ANY legacy GFS pickup or a pickup from ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER....

Even better- since now the "harness" part of the pickup is detachable- we soldered up a bunch of "Hand-Made" electronics harnesses- pre-wired and ready to go.

Install them in your guitar with NO SOLDERING, no schematic reading- the very definition of "Plug-N-Play"!!

In fact- we have pre-wired all the complicated setups- soldered and ready to plug in-

Hard stuff like coil tap harnesses, Superstrat harnesses, Brian May wiring... all pre wired and ready to go.

See the whole product line in our pickup section!

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