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KP - Alnico Fatbody 10K OVERWOUND Bridge Pickup, Fits Tele® - Kwikplug™ Ready
KP - Alnico Fatbody 10K OVERWOUND Bridge Pickup, Fits Tele® - Kwikplug™ Ready

KP - Alnico Fatbody 10K OVERWOUND Bridge Pickup, Fits Tele® - Kwikplug™ Ready



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This pickup is now available in our proprietary Kwikplug “Instantly Interchangeable” pickup system. Check the appropriate boxes below!

The World's Fattest, Loudest, Ballsiest and most toneful OVERWOUND Tele Bridge Pickups!!

You know the problem with Tele Bridge pickups- The great vintage pickups have all the snap, bite and growl that made Telecaster®s popular, but usually they lack the round low end of a humbucker guitar and certainly can be "fingernails-on-the-blackboard" screechy. I started making this pickup by hand for myself and a few select artists years ago, and everyone begged me to find a way to produce one for a reasonable cost.

Back in the 80's I used to make these by hand- I'd start with a set of Tele fiber bobbins, drill out the holes to accommodate P Bass pole-pieces, the lacquer dip em, wind with 42 gauge Formvar wire on my sweet 1/2 HP Baldor motor pickup winding rig, wax dip the whole thing and dress it up with correct vintage black cord.

The HUGE pole-pieces looked amazing, and my Tele had the kind of string snap and presence and POWER that NO TELE ON EARTH HAD.

I played all over the place with that guitar, and due to popular request I sold a bunch for $90, even sold a few to some then-famous rock stars.

15 years later I finally had the scratch to have a proper run of these made, using my exact formula- I gotta say- these are amazing! Since I introduced this pickup over 10 years ago MANY have copied- but none as good as the original fatbody! These are ALNICO pole-pieces, all correct vintage everything, even cloth covered wires. I promise you- there is no better Tele Bridge pickup on the planet if you're after big, bold tone, I've overwound these to a blistering 10K with 43 awg plain enamel wire- For a VERY full and rich bridge sound- Get all the power and drive you always wanted without losing the character or appearance of your Tele.

Impedance: 10K

If you chose the Kwikplug version you can order a matching “Solderless” pre-assembled wiring harness for quick and easy “pain-free” installation! Click here to add a harness to your cart.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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