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KP - Brighton Rock Pickups Calibrated, RW/RP - KWIKPLUG Set



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If you're looking for a VERY different sound on your Strat or three-single coil guitar- maybe this is for YOU!

If you're familiar with the great Brian May's recorded guitar sound on any of the classic Queen albums, then I think you have a good idea of the sound, feel and response of our Brighton Rocks.

I had the privilege to work on the original "Red Special guitar project with the Guild Guitar company in the 80's, and I had the chance to handle and play Brian's original Red Special... quite an honor. Over the years there have been many, many "tributes" to that guitar and it's pickups- that's not what I'm doing here. If you're a true Red Special nut these are not for you.

However... if you dig the classic sound Brian got from his re-wound Burns Trisonics and his handmade, homemade guitar- I think a decent strat-style guitar with rosewood fingerboard and a set of of Brighton Rocks gets you very, very close.

These are NOT typical strat pickups- we've dialed out the peaky midrange that makes strat pickups so responsive and dialed in velvety smoothness, extended bottom end and a chimey but restrained high end. If you play like Buddy Guy, strangling every note out of your strat... probably not your best choice. BUT- If you have the touch and the feel and a good amp you could be ready for a "Sheer Heart Attack".

If you're going the authentic rout then three 6.5K BR's is the way to go- and of course you'll want to mod your guitar for the famous in-phase/out-of-phase serial wiring scheme.

if you want a touch of that tone and vibe but still retaining a conventional strat layout- go for our calibrated set with the reverse wound middle pickup.

With a decent Class A amp I think you'll find this to be an extremely useable and classic sound. We've made these with the best stuff- fiber bobbins, 42 gauge plain enamel wire, potted with genuine beeswax. The oversized Alnico V 6.5mm polepieces and chrome pickup surround cop a lot of the classic look, but it's the sound... You may think I'm just a Bohemian Rhapsodizing about these, but you'll need to tie your Mother down to keep her from being blown away by the authentic tone of the Brighton Rocks

Perfect for the vintage sound with modern power on a Strat-style guitar. We include an 8K bridge pickup, reverse wound 7.5K Middle pickup and classic 6.5K neck pickup.

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Neck Position
Neck - 6.5K - KPS73 [+$31.94]
Middle Position
Middle RW - 7.5K - KPS74 [+$31.94]
Bridge Position
Bridge - 8K - KPS76 [+$31.94]
Retail Price:$179.95
$ 31.95
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