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KP - GFS Crunchy Rails- Our Hottest- Modern Metal Power, Zebra - Kwikplug™ Ready

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This pickup is now available in our proprietary Kwikplug Instantly Interchangeable pickup system. Check the appropriate boxes below!

The GFS "Crunchy Rails" are wound the hottest of any GFS humbucker. We start with our twin stainless steel rails, polished to perfection. We wind these as hot as we can- a ferocious 16.2 for the bridge and a strong 10.4K for the neck. The Crunchy Rails are tighter, more focused versions of our Power Rails- and work the best with a good FAT amplifier. Through a Soldano, VHT or Triple Recto they?re just amazing! Make no mistake- there?s no vintage stuff going on here- these slam HARD. The midrange is relaxed- not quite a "Scoop" but you get the picture. High end and bottom end are pronounced- even old fashioned amps sound supercharged with a pair of Crunchy Rails driving them. If you're playing through a thinner sounding amp then choose our Power Rails- If your amp is happening, these are your pickups. They're meticulously vacuum potted in paraffin wax, and are four wire for easy coil tapping. The non-ferrous baseplate is proudly stamped with the famous "GFS" logo, and they feature extra long leads, 16" for the Bridge units and a full 20" for the neck pickups! As with all GFS pickups, they come retail boxed complete with screws and springs and our famous fully illustrated wiring guide.

If you choose the Kwikplug version you can order a matching Solderless pre-assembled wiring harness for quick and easy pain-free installation! Click here to add a harness to your cart.

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Pickup Options
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Neck Position - 10.4K - KPH91 [+$32.95]
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Bridge Position - 16.2K - KPH92 [+$32.95]
Fixed Solder Lead - Neck Position - 10.4K - H125 [+$32.95]
Fixed Solder Lead - Bridge Position - 16.2K - H124 [+$32.95]
Retail Price:$74.95
$ 32.95

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