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KP - GFS NYIII Alnico Surface Mount Humbucker Neck Position - Kwikplug Ready
KP - GFS NYIII Alnico Surface Mount Humbucker Neck Position - Kwikplug Ready
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KP - GFS NYIII Alnico Surface Mount Humbucker Neck Position - Kwikplug Ready

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The GFS NYIII is now the ONLY way to get true humbucker crunch into any guitar sporting  Dearmond Dynasonic®, Rickenbacker® Toaster® or other vintage style pickups.

The Shell is basically similar to a vintage Rickenbacker® pickup, and the physical footprint exactly covers a Dearmond Dynasonic®. While the mounting holes may not always be a perfect match for you Country Gent and Silver Jet fans- the baseplate covers the hole completely, so you can upgrade and then revert back to your stock pickups without seeing any telltale holes.

This was a tough pickup to engineer- We had to start with totally new and proprietary bobbins forms, wind them as hot as we could with Plain Enamel Formvar wire, then find a way to fit them into the shell. Once installed we put two Alnico III magnets on either side of the polepieces, and placed a reversed Alnico V Helper magnet in the middle.

This kind of a complicated structure - and all of the assembly is done totally by hand. BUT- what you get is the coolest vintage Filtertron jangle and crunch- DEAD QUIET, and it fits right in the footprint of most old Dearmond® style pickups.

On a Rockjet or Silver Jet you'll probably have to do a very slight amount of trimming on the body rout to accommodate our magnets and polepieces- especially on the neck pickup. But the shell completely covers the work- and you can even revert to your stock pickups and it LOOK STOCK. They are wound like good, firm PAF's - WAY hotter than old Filtertrons- Bridge is around 8.4K, neck is 7.6K.

They've put these on old hollowbodies, bad 80's Rickys- even on a melody Maker- They really sound fabulous. The difference between a pair of these and stock (Even Vintage) Dearmond Dynasonics® is huge. The shell sits 5/8" high at the bridge, 1/2" high at the neck.

Hey- where else can you buy THIS MUCH TONE for under $100 a pair??

Who loves ya baby?

* The words Rickenbacker® and Toaster® are trademarks of the Rickenbacker International corporation. Guitarfetish is not affiliated with Rickenbacker.
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