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KP - Little Crunchy Mini Humbuckers - Chrome Case - Kwikplug™ Ready



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The Little Crunchies area wonderful upgrade for most Mini Humbucker guitars.

We've wound them firm and full, a strong 8.8K for the Bridge and a meaty and sweet 7.6k for the neck pickup. Since mini humbuckers can be microphonic, we've potted them EXTRA well for noiseless performance, even at stage levels.

Most importantly we've dialed up the TONE. Minis can tend to be thin and dead sounding. The Little Crunchies are full but with a pronounced EDGE to the them. We've wound them as round and warm as we can, and the oversized ceramic magnets yield a really nice upper midrange crunch, without the nasty harshness found in so many Mini designs.

The pickup comes with the matching metal trim ring, all mounting hardware and our famous illustrated installation guide.

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Pickup Options
Kwikplug® Neck Position - KPE42 - 7.6K [+$31.95]
Kwikplug® Bridge Position - KPE43 - 8.8K [+$31.95]
Standard Solder Neck Position - H92 - 7.6K [+$31.95]
Standard Solder Bridge Position - H91 - 8.8K [+$31.95]
Retail Price:$69.95

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