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KP - Neovin HARD Vintage Noiseless Bridge Pickup for Tele Guitars - Kwikplug™ Ready



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The great spanky VINTAGE tone with a little more muscle!

Introducing the HARD Vintage Neovin for Tele by GFS.

Classic Fiber bobbin construction keeps the cool vintage look. Modern neodymium magnets provide driving a narrow aperture humbucker provide noiselsss power, and our clever shielding array, which uses the cast polepiece assembly as a ground plane deliver a finely tuned vintage sound.

These are thoroughly wax potted and very resistant to handling noise as well. The vintage tone is there in spades, but we've overwound them a bit and changed the EQ to give you a bit more mid and low mid power, without losing hardly any of the vintage jangle. Tremendous through a small combo amp!

Shipped in a full retail box with mounting hardware and full installation instructions.

Like all Neovin pickups you want to get these AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the strings- there is not magnetic "warbling" effect with Neovins.

We suggest 500 K pots, .047uf Polypropelene caps for use with the Pure vintage neovins.

Impedance: 9k

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Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - 9K - KPT11 [+$32.95]
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