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KP - Neovin Power Rock Overwound Noiseless Bridge Pickup for Telecaster - Kwikplug™ Ready



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Put some POWER in that Tele young man!

Introducing the Power Rock Neovin for Tele by GFS.

While we have stayed true to the classic Tele bridge pickup appearance- classic Fiber bobbin to plate and 6 exposed polepieces- we've overwound this narrow aperture humbucker BIGTIME. I like to consider this 24% Tele, 50% P90 and 25% humbucker- all mixed up in a blender.

You get the clean, clear highs, the big fat lows and ALL OF THAT Midrange power to drive your amp. Hey even our old Princeton sounds pretty hot in the demos we recorded- and through the Marshall its quite the tone machine- and DEAD QUIET.

These are thoroughly wax potted and very resistant to handling noise as well. Tired of that wimpy tele?? Do something about it!

Shipped in a full retail box with mounting hardware and full installation instructions.

Like all Neovin pickups you want to get these AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the strings- there is not magnetic "warbling" effect with Neovins.

We suggest 500 K pots, .022uf Polypropelene caps for use with the Power Rock Neovins. For max output go with 1Meg pots.

Impedance: 12k

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Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - 12K- KPT12 [+$34.95]
Fixed Solder Lead - 12K - NEOTB12 [+$34.95]
Retail Price:$75.95
$ 34.95

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