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KP - Premium Alnico Strat Pickups- Our Best Vintage - Kwikplug™ Ready

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This pickup is now available in our proprietary Kwikplug “Instantly Interchangeable” pickup system. Check the appropriate boxes below!

The latest creation from the GFS Labs-

Many of you asked for a Strat pickup set that could hang with the big boys- go head-to-head with the Boutique makers, the Custom Shop wizards- only about $200 cheaper!

Listen to ALL of the Sound files below!

Premium Alnico Staggers Classic strat tone, with extra sweet mids and that Big, Round bottom end!
MP3: Bridge Pickup , MP3: Bridge/Middle , MP3: Middle Pickup , MP3: Middle/Neck , MP3: Neck Pickup

Meet the new GFS Premium Alnico Staggers. Put a set of these in your Strat and you'll be BLOWN AWAY by the BIG FAT BOTTOM end! Compared t our already legendary Vintage Alnico Staggers these have about 10% more output, a LOT more bottom end and a sweeter, more musical top end- Well worth the extra $20.

These are our finest Strat pickups- We've taken our popular vintage Alnico pickups and added real fiber bobbins, authentic 42 gauge plain enamel wire, cloth leads, even premium German alnico rod magnets

We have spared no expense in designing these pickups-with all the vintage accoutrements:

  • 50's style black fiberboard bobbin
  • Alnico 5 Magnets
  • Vintage style Beveled polepieces
  • Cloth covered leads
  • Wound on the hot side to really drive an amp
  • Accurate 42 gauge plain enamel wire
  • Potted in real Beeswax
For that round, sweet, fat vintage Strat® tone with plenty of bite. These brand new GFS "Premium Alnico Staggers" are custom designed to provide all the great vintage tone with an amazingly complex mid-high balance and THUNDEROUS low end. Going back and forth between these and a "VERY EXPENSIVE" set of "Boutique" pickups it was easy to notice the added sparkle, low end Womp and Stevie Ray "swamp" tone with the GFS pickups!

I've installed about a bazillion pickups in Strats in the last 25 years, and I assure you that these pickups can hang with the best of the "Overwound Boutique" handmade pickups out there- really?.

To create a "Humbucking" effect, the middle pickup is reverse wound- now positions 2 and 4 on your 5-way are NOISELESS.

If you want real vintage Strat® tone, but with the modern features like increased output, and vacuum impregnated paraffin wax soaking, then these should fit the bill. To give your Strat® some beef, the bridge pickup is wound just a little bit hotter, but not too hot to lose that vintage spank.

If you chose the Kwikplug version you can order a matching “Solderless” pre-assembled wiring harness for quick and easy “pain-free” installation! Click here to add a harness to your cart.

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Pickup Options
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Neck Position - 5.4K - KPS28 [+$21.95]
Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Bridge Position - 5.6K - KPS30 [+$21.95]
Fixed Solder Lead - Neck Position - 5.4K - I27(N) [+$21.95]
Fixed Solder Lead - Middle Position - 5.5K - I27(M) [+$21.95]
Retail Price:$119.95
Starting at $ 21.95

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