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Kwikplug "Brian May" Series-Wired Harness- PRE-SOLDERED Drop-In
Kwikplug 'Brian May' Series-Wired Harness- PRE-SOLDERED Drop-In

Kwikplug "Brian May" Series-Wired Harness- PRE-SOLDERED Drop-In

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We've sold thousands of our "BHM" wiring kit over the years, and SO MANY people have asked if we could wire one of these up for them- NOW is your chance. This is the Series-Phase kit wired to switch THREE SINGLE COILS on and off, and connect them in SERIES in or out of phase- You have TWO Slide Switcheson each pickup- The top row switches the pickup on and off, the bottom row chooses whether the pickup is in Phase or Out of Phase. These work best with our Brighton Rock pickups, but will work with ANY Single coil that is Kwikplug equipped, including pickups with a shielded cover like mean and Dream 90s. PRE-SOLDERED and a complete PLUG-In when using ANY of our Kwikplug Equipped single coil pickups. An included crimp connector allows for simple SOLDERLESS installation of the ground wire that typically is connected to the trem claw
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